About Police Service

I think I delivered a good service to both the government and the people. Never in my service I availed leave of 2 or 3 days per year including for my marriage and sometimes no leave at all in many years. I have faced successfully lot of law and order problems and did balanced police administration. I have my own way of approach to police work and was remarked by Cambridge University training team as the best team leader in the police work. This approach helped me to do lot of challenges in police work and conducting mega bandobasts. Until DIG period, I did lot of adventures and experiments in police work and even though i am not so good in firing with pistol but good in revolver and got medal in state level carbine firing. In my service i opened firing more than 20 times at rioting mob, criminals by my self not allowing constables because of various reasons. During my service I detected more than half a dozen very very sensitive criminal, property offences myself with my special teams. After that I concentrated mainly on Community policing to improve the police image among public. I attended so many trainings in various institutes about various topics during my service and also did assembly election bandobasts in Haryana, local election bandobasts in Kerala and deputed as police observer in Uttar Pradesh. Since I served almost in all parts of Tamilnadu, I got opportunities to study about the local, historical, social, economic, cultural, political systems prevailing in each and every parts of Tamilnadu which is quiet interesting and useful. Always as a Welfare Officer I constructed one marriage hall, guest house, 154 houses for police officers and men, gas godown,Theni district firing range etc for the welfare of men. I never failed to help the poor during their grievances.