About Hobby and other Activity

As a agricultural family person I purchased around 70 acres as a civil engineer and developed a modern farm with a granite factory and agricultural community college. That was recognized by the University as a model farm and I wrote a book about integrated farm development. Because of my smoking habit the doctors advised me not to concentrate in many work so I sold it for a cheap price in 2002 which now I consider as a mistake. I studied astrology for over 15 years and opted as my hobby in civil service interview. In my college and academy, I scripted dramas and I am very fond of novels, books, music and natural tour. I am fond of hunting also. I am a good runner and a swimmer but not good in sports except shuttle cock. I wrote a fiction podhigai pudayal (Click hereto watch the movie) and was awarded as best play by all India radio, later on it was made as short film in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. I also wrote 2 tamil stories and one ‘energy’ in English. In this way I learnt everything about making a movie and my close friends are Director Bharthi Raja, Director Bagyaraj and Director Udayakumar. I studied homeopathy also a lot. I won the 3rd price in world level wildlife photography contest for my Bamboo flowering photos. I have to thank my wife who travelled with me in deep forest to shoot that photos.

About Spiritualism

I am a firm believer of Jeevathma (soul) and paramathma (God) are one. But in 1992 I had a bad mystical experience which is shaking my belief. Due to that misery I visited so many religious places and also came across so many religious people / siddhas. I doubted astrology, then I studied astrology, numerology, Panchapatchi sastra etc for over 15 years and after analysis, I came to a conclusion that our ancestors predicted the movements of planets in the universe accurately before the modern science. Later on the theory of rahu and ketu happened, and they also got navagraga status. These two nodes were installed in the earth and they played major role in navagraga system like Lord Muruga as rahu and Lord Ganesh as ketu, Muslim as rahu, Christian as ketu etc with that all caste system, religious ceremonies, family system etc all established and then the horoscope predictions started and this was used for all unwanted things like marriage, star comparision etc by religious people and astrologers for their benefits. The fate of the person differs as per their religious customs, deities etc for any two person born on same time and place. This way rahu and ketu form rigid caste and religious, social customs and way of life. My analysis of many famous personalities shows that they had good planetary positions at the time of birth. This all because of the nodes major roles, now I am not paying much interest in astrology etc because the whole astrology concept is based on ones previous birth, ie., cursed soul will be having bad planetary position at the time of birth and blessed soul will be having good planetary position at the time of birth. Only those who know brahma gnana that is the ultimate truth of the law of creation, existence, rebirth etc knows all.

About My Good and Bad

Basically I am a good man loving all, helping all. But I also have some bad qualities and habits. Gradually I tried to reduce it and I think I will succeed.