About Me

I born in a village Puliangudi near to Thenkasi in Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India on 21st May 1968. In those days, Village schools never bothered about the date of birth, so roughly they registered my date birth of birth as 5th May 1967 against my actual date of birth of 5th May 1968. My Father Mr.Karuppiah was an agriculturist & mason and mother Mrs.Veerammal took care of the major social, economic activities of the family. She gave birth to around 13 children and only myself and my loving elder sister and elder brother is now. My village used to be one of the beautiful village with hills and temples and ponds. All castes were living together as a family. Now changed a lot and I had a nice childhood days playing in all places with friends and assisting our farm work with my father and mother and watched and helped their farm activities. My school head master, used to come to chase all boys to join the school. In this way I also started schooling.

My Education

I believe I was considered as a brilliant student with doing lot of mischief. Then I started my high school education at Puliangudi higher secondary school and worked hard during final examination continuing all my mischief’s as usual. I stood first in my school which I consider as a major mistake in my life. Because during 9th standard it self I wanted to become a IAS officer for that I wanted to continue in that school to pass +2 exam. But the environment that time was like that all the best students used to join polytechnic college so that they can get job immediately after getting a diploma. Normally I used to be very good in humanities but not so in mathematics. But I was forced to study engineering. I selected civil engineering which I liked very much and thought will be helpful in civil service. Rajapalayam P.A.C.Ramasamy Raja polytechnic is the best in India which gave us good theory and field knowledge and strong foundation and also encouraged the students in all cultural activities. Rajapalayam is the town I liked very much and with friends faced racking and had good play atmosphere. I went too much leading a student protest in hostel and was dismissed from hostel with 15 boys and stayed outside in a lodge and attended college by using bicycle. This gave me lot of time to go to movies. But I always did very well in exams and that time the job opportunities were so dim and I also wanted to continue my studies so I selected A.M.I.E (Civil Engineering) and joined IIET Chennai. I passed section A very successfully. But due to my unhealthy mind it took some time to pass section B. God gave me the opportunity to join the Special training institute for IAS, IPS in Chennai where we all civil engineering candidates were asked to take the civil engineering optional and all failed. I stayed outside and took it as a challenge myself that before entering into civil service I won’t be return back to native place. I selected History & Tamil Literature in Tamil medium. I did very well in written exam and scored the highest marks and called for interview I opted Tamil Medium during interview also. In that time I had a health problem and I hope I was not able to prepare well for interview. But any how I was with in the IAS list. Suddenly Mr.Narashimma rao then prime minister reduced the vacancy and so no other chance except to go join police service in 1992. But I had one more chance to appear main exam since I also passed that year preliminary examination. But my health condition never improved and I missed that exam.

My Training

The training at Sardar Vallabai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad, India was so tough and systematic and as a only Tamilian I had Hindi language problem in out door parade and other activities. But I was so thankful to my loving batch mates who helped me in my academy by changing to speak only in English instead of Hindi to help me. During training i like all outdoor activities, parade, weapon training, rock climbing, para sailing, and indoor classes, all India tour, military attachment in deep Kashmir valley etc. except the horse riding. For field training I came to Tamil Nadu and allotted Sivagangai. Mr.Sakeel Aktar a strict, honest officer gave me the required but tough training in all field of police administration and I also learnt lot and did many adventures during that period one among that is that a notorious criminal who had been searched for years. Muthu was secured by me. For that I went to the area in which no other was allowed as a village toddy toppers and a fought hand to hand with him and got knife injury during my fight with that criminal. That time only my loving young sister who got kidney operated died and I was so mentally depressed about that. During my training my marriage was fixed with Miss Rathina Sankari M.Sc daughter of an excellent police officer Mr. Udaya Sankar. It was one of the grand marriage in Thenkasi in which all my IPS, Engineering, school friends attended. She used to be good in household and painting and all.

As Assistant Superintendent of Police

After training I was posted to Tanjore rural ASP. During that time Mr.Jaffer Sait the best and dynamic officer was my head and Mr.Karunasekar, IAS was Kumbakonam, ASP was my colleague he gave a tough training and helped us to learn all branch of police work. I did may well as a ASP in crime and Law and order etc. I visited major temples and dams which as a civil engineer I always liked. That time only we conducted world tamil conference. Then I was shifted to manargudi. During that period I had my first daughter Packiya Lakhsmi and in a moderate home we had a nice life.

That time the South Tamilnadu was burning with caste clashes. Mr.Vijayakumar IPS then Inspector General of Police Madurai called me for Bandobast at Kadayanallur. After seeing my performance he recommended me for ASP Sankarankoil. But then home secretary Mr.Poornalingam had reservation in posting me since it in my native sub division and also my caste Yadava also involved. But Mr.Vijayakumar IPS managed it. I spent that time containing the communal riots with Mr.Jangid and Mr.Vijayakumar.

As Superintendent of Police

After my promotion as Superintendent of Police in 1996 and seeing my neutral performance Mr.Vijayakumar selected me as first Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tirunelveli city. I was blessed with another daughter Sharmila.

I had Mr.Thapa, IPS a best officer as my boss. The day I joined I entered the all trouble some villages and brought the situation under control. With my hard work and good leadership I brought the city under my control. Then I think as a reward I was posted as Kanyakumari SP in 1998 and I continued to serve for next 3 ½ years.

During my period the Thiruvalluvar statue was inaugurated and I saw that for Bagavathi amman festival we used to mobilize strength from all 9 districts. With community policing I took as a challenge and reduced that to range, and distinct level. For that I was awarded Communal Harmony award. The senior officers had lot of faith on me and guided me properly. Also I had a successful fight against Aristem a so called Ayurvedic medicine but actually a sort at liquor in the court and eradicated. I had so many tough law and order in coastal belts and handled effectively. Then I was posted as SP, Theni District during that period I conducted a most famous Aundipatti election. And then I was posted as Commandant in Palani battalion. During that time I was principal for 3 police training schools and helped to construct a Battalion in Poochampalli, once naxal affected area. This time also I had opportunity to serve under Mr.Balachandran IPS and Jaffer Sait. I trained the Tamilnadu Police Kabady team at Palani and they won all India medal in that year and also Chief Minister reward. I passed M.A in Criminology. But during this period, I lost both my Father and my Father-in-law in a sudden manner which I consider as a great loss.

As Deputy Inspector General of Police

After my promotion as D.I.G in 2006 I was posted as D.I.G. Dindigul Range, I never interfered in SP’s administration and only guided them. Then transferred to Villupuram as D.I.G. During time that range was so tough with problems like Chidambaram temple, N.L.C. Strike etc and also Cuddalore district communal problems and world earth conference. All went after very well even I was not able to attend my own cousin Mr.Jaiprakash Marriage because that time the D.M.K. women conference was held. I had a hard working, honest, excellent in prosecution Mr. Radhakrishnan IPS as IGP - North Zone.

Then I was posted as Salem Commissioner and I had to fight for justice to poor and had nice time in Yercaud hills. Because of my neutrality I was shifted to Salem range having 4 districts. That period went off peacefully I never used to add any friend in any time expect my old school, village, academy, carrier friends. So with my old friend Govindaraj I used to visit all dams and also Dr.Kumar hosur was added in that list.

As Inspector General of Police

In 2009 I was promoted as IGP and posted as Trichy Police City Commissioner. There I rejuvenated Mr.Tripathi‘s community policing concept and had very tough Bandobasts. I was awarded president police medal for meritorious service for the year 2009 . I attended mid career training program at Cambridge University, London. The training was useful, advanced with latest techniques in policing but they conducted eight tough tests and as a total I scored very well. I was posted as I.G.P. Central Zone having 8 districts which in known for politically and rowdy wise sensitive. That time I conducted assembly election 2011. After election I was posted as West Zone IGP. During my tenure I conducted local body election in all eight districts, Vinayagar Chaturthi without any incident and maintained Law and order & controlled crime in all 8 districts. Something happened then the government posted me as Chief Vigilance Officer, Tamilnadu State Transport corporation, Madurai.

After spending nearly 1 year, I entered first time in my career into Chennai City to serve as IGP – State Crime Record Bureau(SCRB). This job used to be highly challenging, scientific, methodological and my branch acted as the Brain of Tamilnadu Police Force. With under the leadership of Mr. Ashish Bhengra IPS, I involved myself in Criminal Record Bureau Administration covering all over state and assisted him in the major project of Government of India CCTNS that is Police Administration of everything in a computerized way. Since I was the principal for three Police recurit schools, the DGP selected me and attached with ADGP training as an additional duty. After seeing my performance in 2013 March, I was permananently posted as IGP(Training) to take care of the training of all inservice training schools in the state and 37 police recruit schools, which are having 12000 police recruit trainees. My main focus used to be providing Best Quality Training to all recruits during this period.